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Study Abroad


Study Abroad

The Lewis University Study Abroad office provides students the unique chance to complement and enhance their academic careers with a variety of international academic opportunities.
Programs run anywhere from a few weeks to an academic year and offer Lewis courses that can fit into general education, elective, minor, and/or major credits depending on the program.
There are two general types of Study Abroad programs offered by Lewis University - Semester/Summer programs and Travel Study programs.
For these programs, you will study at an instiitution for either a semester or a summer.  Depending on the program, the institutions will be a language institute, an academic center, a university, or a combination of these.  Programs can be language intensive, with all courses taught in the host country's language.  Other study abroad programs offer blended options with courses in English combined with language learning.  There are also many programs with no language prerequisites and the courses are tought entirely in English.

Travel Study
Travel Study programs are organized by Lewis professors to provide students the opportunity to travel for short periods and learn in different parts of the world.  Classes meet on campus for part of the course and then travel with the faculty during the break time for one to three weeks, examining the course topic intensively on-site.  The locations and course offerings for Travel Study programs change from year to year.
To learn more about studying abroad as a Lewis University student, please click on the links on the left side of this page. They will allow you to view our program offerings, find ways to fund your study abroad experience, find study abroad related links and information, contact the Study Abroad office, and learn about applying for a program.
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